Our story

Smashingclicks was founded by Jason in 2012, together with an awesome team of passionate developers, designers and artists. Some of the team members had been together, creating eye-catching and functional websites, games and applications since 1998!

Over the years, the team continue to developed countless new projects and games for clients all over the world; we even launched our very own game IP – Smashing Catcher and Smashingheroes.

About Smashingclicks
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In late 2014, we successfully raised seed fundings from investors of Y5ZONE SG whom gave us an exclusive partnership for gamification / Wi-Fi Advertising portals management across their Wi-Fi hotspots in the region at the same time enhancing our offering for our clients.

Working closely with Y5ZONE Singapore marketing team we can acquire millions of eyeballs through powerful cross-promotion, advertising campaigns, and Smashingclicks exclusive Wi-Fi Portals engagement tool. 


Y5ZONE Singapore Users (2018)
Y5ZONE Advertising

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